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3 facts about us


47 people, 1 team

Rita Neri
Nicola Fontana
Creative Director
Sara Ravaioli
Operations Manager
Davide Quarantotto
Head of Digital
Calderoni Carlo
Web Developer
Alessandro Canestrari
Art Director / 3D Developer
Alessandra Cenci
Graphic Designer
Mattia Conti
System Administrator
Francesca Giordani
Senior Account Executive / Producer
Elia Lolli
Web Editor
Daniele Mancuso
Digital Project Manager
Marco Manservigi
Web Publisher
Ilaria Maroni
Web Publisher
Monica Leoni
Francesco Panciroli
Web Developer
Marta Rossi Finarelli
Digital Project Manager
Sahra Rossi
Art Director
Horacio Scotti
Art Director
Bruna Sette
Account Executive / Operations
Paul Thompson
Art Director
Marcella Trovato
Yuri Zoli
Art Director / 3D Developer

4 integrated business areas


Advertising, Below-the-line, Promo, Conventions, Roadshows, Set-up, POS, 3D-Modelling & Infographics.


Market Analysis, Country Marketing Planning, Product Marketing Planning, Channel Development, Incentives, Sales Support.

Digital & Social

Strategy, Information Architecture & UX Design, Publishing (Banner, DEM, Mobile Adv.), Social & Community Management, Web Services & Platform Integrations, Web & Mobile App Development, E-Commerce.


Concepts & Formats, Direction, Editing, Production, Commercials, Educationals & Tutorials, Team Building, Promotional, Social Media Content.

28 active clients

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